Harmony Montessori School
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803 Boston Road, Billerica, MA 01821

Harmony Montessori School in Billerica, Massachusetts offers a good foundation for learning.

Our Half Day and Full Day Programs include a very good Montessori Program for children and allowing them to grow and develop in a safe, nurturing environment. Please call us for more information or to make a visit to our school.

Engaging and Enriching Experiences

Our Montessori program incorporates a variety of great experiences and activities that progresses steadily, from simple to complex and from concrete to abstract, as students progress year after year.   Our Montessori program helps children learn at their own pace.

The Montessori Method

In addition to focusing on early childhood development, the Montessori Method fosters a social awareness and responsibility in children. In the three year cycle, the Montessori environment promotes individuality, independence, and awareness of and consideration for the needs of others.

Children participate in activities they already naturally enjoy, while developing concentration, coordination, and a sense of order. The curriculum is explained in five main areas as follows:

Language Materials     * Sensorial
* Everyday Living & Practical Life Activities
  * Math         * Cultural Materials
  (Geography, Science, Art, & Music)

The School Schedule

The school week runs Monday through Friday and from September to June. Our school follows the Billerica public school schedule for holidays, snow days, and December, February, and April vacation weeks.

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